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Industry-leading supply & demand forecasts for the bulk synthetic rubbers

LMC is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the markets for synthetic rubbers, with a focus on those used in tyre production: styrene-butadiene (eSBR & sSBR), polybutadiene (BR) and polyisoprene (IR).

We have extensive experience analysing the rubber supply chain, including how shifting trends in downstream demand and technology translate to raw material growth, and how pressure on the natural rubber sector affects synthetic rubber consumption.

This expertise allows us to provide accurate, industry-leading market intelligence.

Data & Reports

Off-the-shelf reports and services covering the global markets for synthetic rubber are available, published monthly, quarterly and annually.

We provide short, medium and long-term analysis of supply & demand balances and price forecasts for the key global markets.

In addition, we provide bespoke market research services in the synthetic rubber sector for a broad range of industry participants.

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LMC has developed a reputation as industry leaders in market intelligence for the synthetic rubber sector. Our experts speak at major conferences worldwide, and we work closely with major global producers of bulk synthetic rubbers, raw material end users, processors and industry associations.

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