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The Tyre Size Service is the best available resource for identifying growth trends for specific tyre sizes and speed ratings. It delivers the data and insight necessary for industry players to enhance their long-term strategic planning.

The service provides five-year forecasts of light vehicle (LV) tyre demand and production, by major region and for individual markets. Demand forecasts are further broken down into OE and replacement tyre sales.

Forecasts are provided for key light vehicle segments (PV, SUV and LCV) and by tyre characteristic: rim size, speed rating, aspect ratio and section width. 

Using the forecasts of automotive production by engine & transmission type provided by LMC Automotive, we are able to track growth trends of standard tyre fitments across the industry. Our global database offers visibility of key patterns, such as the growth of HP and UHP tyres within mature markets, or the movement towards larger radial tyres in the emerging markets.

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