Tyre Reports


Data & insights to enhance your strategic planning

LMC’s range of subscription services covers key markets and segments of the tyre industry, delivering both data and analysis to help inform your understanding of market dynamics.

Browse our tyre reports below to find details about the scope of work we cover, publication dates, how to access more information, and how to subscribe.

World Tyre Forecast Service

Long-term data forecasts of tyre production, sales and trade. Coverage of more than 60 countries across 13 regions. Includes market commentaries and monthly trade updates.

Tyre Size Service

Sales and production forecasts split by rim size, speed rating and other specifications for light vehicle (LV) tyres. Coverage of the world's major producing and consuming markets.

Tyre Price Monitor

Monthly updates of prices for light vehicle (LV) and truck & bus (MHCV) tyres. Coverage of the industry's key markets. Includes statistics for tyre size, season and label information.

Tyre Plant Capacity Database

Forecasts of production capacity volumes for light vehicle (LV) and truck & bus (MHCV) tyres. Global coverage split by manufacturer and producing market.

Natural & Synthetic Rubber Reports

LMC publish data and reports for the rubber industry, with extended supply, demand and price coverage of both natural rubber and the bulk synthetic rubbers.

Rubber Reports


In addition to regularly published tyre reports, LMC also provides bespoke market research services for individual clients. Read more about our consulting capabilities in the tyre industry.

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