Outlook for Natural & Synthetic Rubbers


Built on more than 40 years of experience, LMC’s Outlook for Natural & Synthetic Rubbers is the most comprehensive source of long-term forecasts and analysis for the global rubber markets.

The report provides a detailed examination of each stage of the industry value chain, from production to end-use demand, examining natural rubber, polybutadiene, sSBR, eSBR and polyisoprene in detail. 

The Main Report delivers an in-depth breakdown of critical issues in each sector, evaluating where demand growth is highest, how it will be met, and at what price.

Our analysis of each elastomer is supported by detailed breakdowns of supply, demand and price/unit values, globally and by each major market. We provide forecasts out to 2030, giving subscribers the long-term visibility necessary for critical decision making in the rubber sector.

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